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but the real question is has nemo found himself

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Tomorrow The Sun Will Rise.

At this moment I am I sitting on an airplane, and so many thoughts are racing through my mind. Who am I? What is my purpose here? Why am I the way that I am? How did I get to where I am today? I am sure these are questions we all ask ourselves at some point in our lifetime, but they are so prominent today. I have had struggles in my life, and at times it felt like I was barely holding on. I hurt. I didn’t understand why had to go through such difficult trials or feel so much pain. However, I am beginning to understand now, and while I wish I didn’t have to go through what I did I can see how it has shaped me into the person I am today.

Without going into too much detail, I will just say this; there are voices in this world that will influence you, some in a positive way and some in a negative one. It is easier to go on when positive influences surround you, but when negativity hits you like boulder, things change. Thoughts change. People change. To those of you who are struggling, with what ever it may be (depression, anxiety, bullies, addiction, etc.), I speak to you. You are not alone.

I am now on a bus, but let’s continue. I can’t say “we have all been there” because I’m not sure everyone has, but I can say that I have been there. That pain that you are feeling, that heartache, it will end. It might not be all at once, but as time goes on it will subside and you’ll be able to breathe easy again. You will open your eyes, as well as your heart, and see the good in this world.

Looking back at my own personal struggles I tend to pay more attention to the outcome instead of the actual struggle itself. This helps me to not dwell in the past and continue moving forward. It might take a little time and practice, but when you do this you see your own personal growth take effect. These difficult times, as well as the good ones, shape us into the people we are today. They teach us lessons that we would not have otherwise learned. It’s a new perspective.

I have made it to my apartment, so let’s wrap this up. The struggle is real… Ha ha, just kidding. However, I do want to say this, don’t ever give up. Drown out those negative things with the things that make you happy. You can do this. Your life is worth living; you have so much to offer, and some days you will have to say the same thing to yourself that Tom Hanks’ character said in ‘Cast Away.’ “I know what I have to do now. I’ve gotta keep breathing. Because tomorrow the sun will rise. Who knows what the tide could bring?”

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